Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's a beautiful Sunday morning

I hope that you are enjoying your Sunday morning! My sister treated my husband and I out to breakfast at the Egg & I. It was delicious! I got the Viva La France French Toast with strawberries and bananas...HEAVENLY!

So you could most definitely say that I've had a great start to my morning. The only drawback is the pesky migraine that keeps coming in and out all morning. I've taken medicine but sometimes the migraine just has its own plan. Overall this is far from the worst migraine I've ever had (thank God!) and I know it will go away eventually. 

Is there anyone in your life that suffers from migraines? I've been diagnosed since I was four years old because of the strong family history on my father's side. They can be pretty nasty and I've had to go to the ER more than once to seek treatment for a bad one. My problem is that the pain becomes unbearable and my body refuses to keep anything down (I know probably TMI, but it is the truth!) and I become dehydrated which in turn makes it worse...A truly vicious cycle. 

I am pretty lucky to live in this day and age with the types of medication that is available now. My poor father was lucky to have his own father be a pediatrician (Grandpa also suffered from migraines and understood what my father was going through) so he would just knock my father out for a few hours in hopes that the migraine would pass. All I can say is that without modern medicine I would be holed up in bed for days at a time.

I also thank God for my husband who is very kind and understanding about when I get migraines. I think I freaked him out when I woke up at 3am one morning with a bad migraine (those are the warning at all! Just BAM! Your whole day gets sucked down the toilet!). It was so bad that he called my parents in the middle of the night to get their advice because I couldn't hardly tell him what to do to help me. Yikes. 

I would post a recipe today but I am starting to feel the side effects of the medication I am feeling and I am going to rest until it passes. Side effects still beat having a full blown migraine! So instead I will ask you to post your favorite Sunday breakfast ideas :) My all time favorite was when my sister and I were little and my mom would work on the weekends at a grocery store, so that meant we had Daddy/Daughter time. He would make us waffles and it was just the coolest thing to be hanging out with Dad! (I still think he is cool!)

Have a good rest of your weekend!


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